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Stéphane Rossi
 Visual artist

Since he can remember, Stephane Rossi has been a painter & documentary filmmaker.

Grateful to his work as a renown cinematographer, he traveled around the continents, including Middle East, Eastern Europe, The Americas, Asia & Africa


His work as a visual artist began with each journey, inspiring him to carry with him his essentials; markers, watercolours, brushes, sketchbooks, to share & showcase his experiences through his craft.

The notebook, his journal through voyages consists of ink drawings, watercolours, coffee grounds, collages.


His studio is dedicated to his large paintings where he uses materials brought back from his cinematographic missions; that is, earth, stones, sand, fabrics, shells, flowers, seaweed, salt, etc..


He works on various materia support, such as, paper, cardboard, wood, canvas and photography.


Jimi H - 2021
Emulsion Indian ink, walnut husk, fleur de sel, acrylic, seaweed,   lime on fabrics, paper and canvas mounted on wood (71 X 100 cm)

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